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Ultimate Vegan Comfort Food

Creamy Garlic Broccoli & Pasta

-Clean broccoli and asparagus (I like to soak it in some soapy water for about 10 mins and then rise thoroughly.

-Cut broccoli and asparagus into small pieces.

-Drizzle some sesame, grapeseed or coconut oil onto the vegetables with a sprinkle of salt. Mix gently and put on tray in over for 180 celsius. Check it at 10 mins to see if they are looking like they are getting a little bit of browning. Mix again and then another 5 mins in the over.

-Boil water, add pasta, drain pasta when cooked.

-The creamy garlic sauce-

-Soak 1 cup of raw cashews for about 15 mins.

-Drain cashews, and put into blender

-Add 3-4 cloves of fresh garlic

-3-5 leaves of fresh basil (if you don't like basil you can add oregano instead)

-1/4 cup of nutritional yeast

-dash of salt

- 1/2 cup to 1 cup depending on your taste of consistency of Almond or Cashew milk.

-blend until completely smooth

Add all the ingrediants together now in big bowl. Mix lightly and serve!

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