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Horseback Riding

Welcome to Strides to Solutions, where passion meets excellence in horseback riding! Our program is designed for individuals of all ages and skill levels, offering a unique blend of professional equestrian training and therapeutic benefits. Under the expert guidance of Esther Adams Aharony, PsyD, a world, national, and regional champion equestrian, you will experience the joy and transformative power of riding.


 Why Choose Our Program?

Expert Instruction

Highly Qualified Instructor: Esther Adams Aharony, PsyD, is not only a licensed Israeli Riding Instructor but also a certified American Riding Instructor (ARIA) Level III. With an extensive show record, including World, National, and Regional championships in America, Esther brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her training. Her expertise ensures that you receive the highest quality instruction and guidance.


Classical Dressage Approach: Esther incorporates classical dressage techniques into her teaching, emphasizing harmony between horse and rider, precision, and balance. This approach not only enhances your riding skills but also fosters a deeper connection with the horse.

Personalized Training

Customized Programs: At Strides to Solutions, we understand that each rider has unique needs and goals. We tailor our training programs to meet these individual requirements, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider. Holistic Development: Our program focuses on the overall development of the rider, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional growth. We aim to enhance your skills while promoting personal well-being.

Therapeutic Environment

Beautiful Setting: Our farm is situated on a serene 10-dunam property in central Israel, offering a peaceful and therapeutic environment for learning and healing. The natural surroundings provide a perfect backdrop for engaging in equine-assisted activities.

Proven Benefits

Track Record of Success: Our program has a history of helping individuals achieve their riding goals and personal development objectives. The positive feedback from our clients highlights the effectiveness of our approach.


Wide Range of Benefits: Engaging in our equine-assisted activities offers numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, emotional regulation, stress relief, and enhanced social skills. Our program is designed to maximize these benefits for each participant.


Holistic Benefits

For Children: Our lessons enhance physical fitness, improve balance and coordination, foster emotional growth, and boost cognitive development.


For Adults: Experience stress relief, improved physical health, and enhanced mindfulness through engaging with our gentle horses. 


Science-Based Approach: Our equine-assisted activities stimulate the release of oxytocin, the "feel-good" hormone, promoting emotional resilience and mental well-being. The rhythmic motion of riding has a calming effect on the nervous system, similar to meditation.

Our Facility

Situated on a beautiful 10-dunam property in central Israel, in moshav Sitirya our farm provides a serene and safe environment for riders. Our resident horses are well-cared for and play a crucial role in our sessions, making each lesson a unique and enriching experience. We are located 10 mins from Rehovot, 15 mins from Modi'in, 15 mins from Rishon lezion. 


Meet Your Instructor

Esther Adams Aharony (pictured), PsyD, is a highly accomplished equestrian and licensed Israeli Riding Instructor. She is also a certified American Riding Instructor (ARIA) Level III. With an extensive show record, Esther has won World, National, and Regional championships in America, showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication to the sport.


Professional Accomplishments:


Licensed Israeli Riding Instructor: Esther is officially recognized in Israel for her expertise in horseback riding instruction, ensuring top-quality training for her students.


Certified American Riding Instructor (ARIA) Level III: This prestigious certification highlights her advanced skills and knowledge in equestrian instruction.


Championship Titles: Esther's impressive show record includes multiple World, National, and Regional championships in America, reflecting her competitive spirit and mastery of the sport.


Educational Background: In addition to her equestrian achievements, Esther holds a doctorate in psychology. This unique combination of skills allows her to integrate therapeutic principles into her riding lessons, providing a holistic approach to equine-assisted activities.


Philosophy and Approach: Esther believes in the transformative power of horseback riding, not just as a sport but as a means to enhance physical fitness, emotional well-being, and cognitive development. She uses classical dressage in her training, emphasizing precision, balance, and harmony between rider and horse. Her lessons are designed to foster a deep connection between rider and horse, promoting empathy, responsibility, and confidence.


Join Us at Strides to Solutions: Under Esther's expert guidance, riders of all ages and skill levels can experience the joy and benefits of horseback riding. Whether you're looking to improve your riding skills, relieve stress, or simply enjoy the unique bond with our horses, Esther's extensive experience and compassionate approach make Strides to Solutions the perfect place for you.

Things To Bring For Your Session

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during your riding session at Strides to Solutions, please come prepared with the following items:

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated by bringing a filled water bottle.

Long Pants: Wear long pants to protect your legs while riding.

Boots with a Heel: Proper footwear is essential. Boots with a heel are recommended for safety.

Payment: Payment can be made through the client portal via credit card (30 min session/$60 approx 200 shekels) or via paybox. Payment must be received promptly after sessoion. 


Session Guidelines Punctuality: Sessions start exactly on time and end on time. Each session is 30 minutes in duration.

Parent/Guardian Requirement: If the rider is under 18, a parent or guardian must remain on the premises to pick up the child promptly at the end of the session.

Do Not Feed the Horses: For the safety and well-being of our horses, please refrain from feeding them.

Safety Rules: No running on the facility grounds for the safety of all participants and animals. 

Bomb Shelter Notice: Please be aware that we do not have a bomb shelter at the barn. Being on the farm is at your own risk, similar to the risk you take when driving on the freeway.

Fees and Cancellation Policy Late Fee/No-Shows:

A late fee will be applied for no-shows. Cancellations must be given with at least 24-hour notice. If not, the fee for the session is forfeited.

Ages 6+


We look forward to providing you with an enriching horseback riding experience at Strides to Solutions. See you soon!

*We are not a public riding school and do not offer trail riding. 

Book Your Session

You can log into the client portal and click on "Horsemanship" 30 min session. For a limited time this 30 min sessions are $60 (approx 200 shekels). This can be paid by credit card through the client portal, through PayBox in shekels or cash (there is no exact change given). 

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