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Regaining Your Shine

Transform Your Breakup Into a Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

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Are You Ready to Turn Your Breakup Into Your Breakthrough?

Navigating life after a breakup can feel like wandering through an emotional labyrinth. If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just stuck, you’re not alone. "Regaining Your Shine: Life After A Breakup" is here to guide you back to your path of self-empowerment and joy.

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Who is Esther Adams-Aharony, Psy.D?

Your Facilitator is a highly qualified and compassionate trauma-informed psychotherapist.

  • Doctor of Psychology, Certified EMDR Therapist, and a multitude of certifications in various therapeutic disciplines.

  • A life dedicated to empowering individuals through evidence-based and holistic approaches.

About Strides To Solutions

 Does it ache?

  • Feeling Lost and Alone? Find solace in our community and regain your sense of belonging.

  • Overwhelmed by Emotions? Learn to navigate and balance your emotional journey.

  • Lost Your Identity? Rediscover and redefine who you are and what you stand for.

  • Fearful of the Future? Turn uncertainty into a roadmap for success and happiness.

  • Struggling to Move On? We provide gentle, effective steps to help you forward.


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What Will You Gain?

  • Deep Emotional Insight: Understand the depths of your emotional landscape post-breakup. Uncover the underlying patterns and heal from emotional wounds with guided expertise.

  • Rediscovery of Your True Self: Reconnect with your innermost desires, dreams, and passions. This course acts as a mirror, reflecting the unique and vibrant individual you are, beyond any past relationship.

  • Enhanced Self-Confidence: Rebuild and fortify your self-esteem eroded by the turbulence of emotional turmoil. Gain tools and strategies to reclaim your confidence and view yourself in a new, empowering light.

  • Effective Coping Mechanisms: Arm yourself with practical and effective coping strategies to manage the daily emotional challenges and triggers that arise post-breakup.

  • A Blueprint for a Positive Future: Shift from a mindset of loss to one of abundant possibilities. Lay the foundation for a fulfilling and joyful future, equipped with skills for setting and achieving personal goals.

  • Supportive Community Engagement: Join a community of like-minded individuals who are on similar paths. Share experiences, gain insights, and offer support, creating a network of encouragement and understanding.

  • Personal Empowerment: Above all, gain a sense of personal empowerment. This course is your stepping stone to transforming a challenging life event into a powerful catalyst for personal strength, resilience, and joy.

Enroll Now and Begin Your Journey to Reclaim Your Shine!

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Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult with a healthcare provider for any medical concerns.

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