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Couples Coaching

Ask yourself whether or not you could use some help with aspects of your interactions that tend to "go off the rails":

  • Are either of you critical as opposed to gentle in voicing complaints?

  • Are either of you defensive rather than taking ownership of at least a part of the problem?

  • Are either of you "holier than thou" (contemptuous ) rather than working from a foundation of friendship and appreciation—knowing that nobody's perfect?

  • Do either of you shut down and withdraw during your fights?

  • Do your discussions start harshly?

  • Are you both open to influence from the other or is it instead a one-way street?

  • Do you enjoy your time together doing routine tasks or errands?

  • Do you have meaningful rituals and habits around leave-taking and reunion, meals, friendships, bedtimes, couples dates and holidays?

  • Do you share similar goals and values?

  • Do the two of you compromise well?

I am a Gottman method trained to level 3 using research-based assessments and techniques to help you reduce negativity and rebuild the intimacy in your relationship. I help you reduce negativity and rebuild the intimacy in your relationship. I  completed advanced training in the Gottman Method for Treating Affairs and Trauma and Couples and Addiction Recovery. 

Pictured with Drs John and Julie Gottman at the Level 3 training in Israel. Founders of Gottman Therapy. World-renowned for their work on marital stability and divorce prediction, they have conducted 40 years of breakthrough research with thousands of couples. 

Overview of Gottman Method Couples Therapy

The Gottman Method is based on Dr John Gottman’s research that began in the 1970s and continues to this day. The research has focused on what makes relationships succeed or fail. From this research, Drs John and Julie Gottman have created a method of therapy designed to help teach specific tools to deepen friendship, emotional connection and intimacy. The method also helps couples to productively manage conflict, using teachable skills to resolve problems in communication and issues that may have remained stuck or ‘gridlocked’ for some time. We also work together to help you appreciate your relationship’s strengths and to gently navigate through its vulnerabilities.

The Gottman Method Couples Therapy with me consists of:

Booking your appointment

Couples Therapy Session is $165/session up to 60 min per session

Assessment Phase
I begin couples coaching with a comprehensive relationship assessment process. You will meet together for the first session online or at Esther's practice in Sitriya, Israel. The first session with married couples lasts approximately 60 minutes. You and your spouse will each complete an online assessment at your convenience at home. During the second and third appointments, I will meet with each of you individually for approximately 45 minutes. During the fourth meeting the couple will reconvene at which time I  will review the results of the relationship assessment with you and review your treatment plan. Moving forward, you will all meet together for future sessions, although I might ask for an individual meeting with one or both of you if I think it is appropriate and can be helpful.

Treatment Phase
The length of therapy will be determined by your specific needs and goals. During the course of therapy, we will occasionally evaluate your satisfaction and progress, and you are encouraged to raise any questions about the therapy at any time. Clients are generally given exercises to practice between sessions, usually with a handout to help guide them.

Phasing Out

In the later stages of therapy, we will phase out or meet less often in order for you to test your new relationship skills. Although you may terminate therapy whenever you wish, it is generally helpful if we have an agreed final session to summarize progress and define the work that remains.


Follow up sessions have been shown to be extremely helpful in preventing relapse, and these can be at six monthly intervals until you reach the two-year point following termination of therapy. Please be assured that I remain available to any clients who feel the need for more sessions at any time. 

Read more about Gottman Therapy

You can find me on the Gottman Referral network under therapists in Israel:

I treat couples from around the world that speak English.

How to get started:

1) Schedule your first couples session

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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