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 International Domestic Violence Resource Guide

Domestic violence exploded during the first two months of the COVID-19 outbreak. In the U.S., there was a 30% increase in spousal/partner abuse towards women, and the U.K. saw a similar increase as well – 25%. Similarly, there has been an uptick in violence against men and the elderly, with financial strain caused by the pandemic being noted as the main stressor in domestic situations. Still, there is no updated, comprehensive resource that tells you where to go if you are suffering such horrible violence, or know someone who is a victim.

Such a resource is critical, as there are abusive partners that have made use of the pandemic itself as a tool of terror. In many cases, they withhold medication, insurance cards, and even the ability to go purchase hand sanitizer from their victims – all while public health procedures, such as mass quarantines, prevent any chance of escape; this is on top of the pre-existing threat of violence that constantly looms over their heads.

Sadly, you can’t trust the government either. Social Services aren’t getting the necessary funds in these times, and non-profit rescue organizations can’t do it alone. It is our duty to help the victims of this viciousness and not forget that there are victims of abuse across all age groups and genders.

In this guide, you will find every possible contact and useful tips that will help you to stop being a bystander, take action, and save lives (without putting your own at risk).

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