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Finding Your Compass: The Power of Values Clarification in Guiding Your Life

In the bustling pace of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly drives us. That's where the practice of values clarification comes into play. This process involves identifying what is genuinely important to you, thus serving as a compass that guides your actions and decisions. Understanding and defining your values is a critical step towards living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Understanding Values Clarification

Values clarification is not about choosing what you aspire to be based on external influences; rather, it's about discovering who you already are and what deeply motivates you. These values are your personal principles or standards of behavior; they are what you consider important in life. Whether it’s honesty, freedom, loyalty, or creativity, these values are unique to each individual and reflect what truly matters to them.

Practical Exercises for Clarifying Your Values

1. Values Card Sort Exercise: One effective method for values clarification is the values card sort. This can be done with physical cards, each labeled with a different value. Spend 15-20 minutes sorting these cards into categories based on their importance to you. This exercise helps you visually prioritize what’s most important and can lead to insightful revelations about your true priorities.

2. Top Five Values Writing Exercise: Another approach is to simply take some time to reflect and write about your top five values. Write down each value and then describe why it is important to you. This activity not only helps solidify your understanding of your values but also allows you to explore and articulate the reasons behind each one.

Why Values Clarification is Beneficial

Clarifying your values offers numerous benefits:

- Enhanced Decision-Making: With a clear set of values, making decisions becomes easier and less stressful. You can quickly determine which choices align with your principles.

- Greater Resilience: During challenging times, being aware of your values provides a source of comfort and stability, guiding you through adversity.

- Improved Self-Awareness: This process helps you understand yourself better, leading to greater self-confidence and authenticity.

- Alignment and Fulfillment: Most importantly, knowing your values ensures that your life is aligned with what matters most to you, leading to greater satisfaction and purpose.

Implementing Values Clarification in Your Life

To integrate values clarification into your life:

- Regularly engage in values clarification exercises, such as the values card sort or writing reflections.

- Set aside dedicated time each month to review and potentially revise your values as your life circumstances and insights evolve.

- Use your clarified values to inform your daily actions and long-term goals, ensuring that your life path aligns with your deepest convictions.


Values clarification isn’t just an exercise; it's a crucial part of living authentically and purposefully. By identifying and understanding your values, you equip yourself with a tool that guides your decisions, influences your behavior, and shapes your future. Begin the journey of values clarification today, and steer your life with clarity and conviction.

This reflective approach to understanding one's values is integral to therapeutic models such as equine-assisted therapy, where participants are encouraged to explore and align their actions with their values, fostering personal growth and emotional well-being.

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