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Sisters In Stride

Equine Group Therapy for women in the face of war

Embark on a Transformative Journey with 'Sisters in Stride' - Equine Group Therapy for Women Amidst War, expertly facilitated by Dr. Esther Nava and Dr. Bluma Sapir. In the heart of adversity, find camaraderie, stress relief, and healing through evidence-based interventions. Our unique 4-week program, one day a week for one hour, brings empowerment through every hoofbeat. Join a sisterhood of resilience – where bonding is the key to unlocking your inner strength. Together, let's stride through challenges with grace and triumph.

Introduction Session

Dip your hooves into healing with our special $40 Introduction Session, expertly facilitated by Dr. Esther Nava and Dr. Bluma Sapir. This one-hour experience offers a taste of the powerful camaraderie, stress relief, and evidence-based interventions that await you. It's the perfect opportunity to decide if the empowering commitment of our 4-week program is the next stride towards strength you're ready to take. Join our sisterhood of resilience, where every hoofbeat paves the way to healing and triumph!

Equine-Assisted Group Therapy
Embark on a transformative Equine Therapy journey inspired by the 8 C's of Richard Schwartz, the founder of IFS Therapy. Discover resilience amidst the chaos, where we seamlessly integrate the transformative power of Richard Schwartz's 8 C's. In each session, embrace 'Curiosity' as our introductory exploration ignites your inner world, guided by our intuitive therapy horses. Move forward with 'Compassion,' letting Dr. Esther Nava and Dr. Bluma Sapira nurture self-compassion amidst the challenges of war. Experience 'Clarity' in the therapeutic embrace of equine-assisted activities, gaining profound insights into your emotions and thoughts. 'Connectedness' becomes the focal point, intertwining the threads of the 8 C's in a harmonious tapestry. Engage in creative activities fostering 'Courage,' 'Confidence,' and 'Calm' in the midst of turmoil. Our Equine Therapy transcends the hardships of war, offering a sanctuary for self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where the 8 C's guide your path to inner strength and tranquility.

Join Us!

Join us at Strides to Solutions, where the 8 C's guide your journey to self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

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Q: Where is the group therapy located?

A: It is located at 49 Hagefen Street, Sitirya, Israel at Strides to Solutions, a clinical care farm specializing in equine-assisted therapy. The farm is situated on a beautiful, 10 dunam property in central Israel, in moshav Sitiryya (20 mins south from the Ben Gurion airport).

Q: Where is Sitirya?

A: Sitirya is a moshave located 

10 mins from Rehovot

40 mins from Jerusalem

15 mins from Rishon Lezion

30 mins from Beit Shemesh

Q: Do I have to pay 4 sessions up front?


Q: What if I miss a session?


Q:How big is the group?

A: 8 women plus two facilitators, Esther Nava, Psy.D & Dr Bluma Sapira

Q: Who are the facilitators of the group?

A: Esther Nava, MSW, Psy.D and Dr. Bluma Sapira are the facilitators of the group. Esther Nava, MSW, Psy.D., and Dr. Bluma Sapira. With a wealth of clinical expertise, they bring a unique blend of compassion and knowledge to every session. Esther, with her deep understanding of equine therapy, trauma and resiliency, and Dr. Sapira, with her extensive background in conflict, grief, and couples therapy, Their experience creates a therapeutic environment that empowers and heals. These highly educated clinical therapists are dedicated to guiding you towards strength, joy, and well-being. Esther Nava credentials can be viewed here. Dr. Bluma Sapira's credentials can be viewed here

Q: Are individual sessions available beyond group therapy?

A: Yes. You can contact Esther or Dr. Sapira directly to schedule an individual or family session. 

Q: Can my children come to see the farm and the animals?

A: We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and love for our program. However, to maintain the focused and therapeutic nature of our sessions, we currently only allow participants during designated sessions. We want to provide the best experience for everyone involved. You can schedule a family animal-assisted session for you and your children at a later time. 

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